2016 (Plus December 2015)

Hey friends, family, and coworkers. Most of you live in Arizona, so this is for all of you. I am writing this blog post both to share my excitement of the adventures I will be having in 2016 as well as to be saying farewell to my Phoenix friends.

Firstly, I will come right out and say the major thing that is happening this December, for 2016. I am moving to Boston, Massachusetts, to live and be with my boyfriend, Dylan, who I have had the pleasure of falling in love with for the last 6 months. Know that this is not a split-second decision. I prayed to God at the beginning of this year, 2015, to take me out of Arizona. When I met Dylan, on March 20th, 2015, I knew that moving to Boston was going to be a possibility if the two of us fell in love. Yes, I knew it was a possible outcome even before I knew I loved him with all of my heart- that is just what you get with someone who is as analytical as me! God is answering that prayer to leave this place, and I will be happily vacating my lovely apartment and starting a life with the most amazing man on the planet (in case anyone needs clarification, NO, we are not getting married before I move there) in December, 2015.

So, from the beginning, this is my plan for December 2015 and all of 2016. Firstly, this is my last year of college. My final semester, which will be this upcoming Spring, is going to be done fully and completely online. That is why I am able to move to Boston before my graduation month of May, 2016. I will be moving to Boston in December instead of May because in any long distance relationship, if you CAN be with the person, you SHOULD be with them. I wish I could have moved to Boston months ago, but I believe the long distance portion of my relationship with Dylan is and will always be a blessing and a gift; it has made us strong, resilient, and we love each other more deeply because of this distance. I digress; December 12th, 2015, I will be officially leaving Arizona and will no longer be a resident of Arizona. As of December 1st, I will be moved out of my apartment and into a temporary living place for the last 2 weeks of the school semester (probably my parents’ house). This blog is partially to tell all my friends and family, and partially to give you all time if you want to get together before then. Two months, and I will be saying farewell to all things Arizona. Two months, and I will be starting the best adventure of my life in Boston with the man of my dreams.

After I move to Boston, I will be (hopefully) working right away and finishing up my degree, which I will come home for the graduation ceremony. Next summer, I am planning a trip to South Africa (with my boyfriend) as a volunteer trip through IVHQ (International Volunteer Headquarters), teaching kids how to surf and spending time overseas for about 4 weeks. Then, I will be hopefully pursuing a National Interpreting Certification, which will allow me to become a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf, and I will start my career in that.

Obviously, all of this is fluid, which means any detail could be shifted or changed or dates for certain things could move. But I know, for a fact, that my heart is in Boston with my Dylan, (YES, he has the same name as my brother) and moving there is already set. My ticket is paid for, my belongings are in order, and I am ready to take the biggest leap of faith and most exciting trip of my entire life.

With all that, thank you to everyone in Arizona who has helped me, supported me, encouraged me, loved me, and been a friend to me. You all know who you are and you all know exactly what you have done in my life and for me. This is my invitation to message me on Facebook, text me, email me, do all of that in order to spend some time with me before I leave. Thanks again and I love each and every one of you.

To Boston I go!



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