What’s In Boston?

What is in Boston?

Before about 6 weeks ago, I knew nothing about Boston or anything it is known for.

Now, I know that Fenway park and Harvard are in Boston (which I did not know previously, judge all you want!) as well as many other historical buildings and monuments. And, as some of you may know, the skull of Phineas Gage is on display in the Harvard Medical School Library. Just spending six days there, I saw so much of the city and experienced some of the culture as well, but the main reason I was there was a man named Dylan Ortega.

Now, I do not typically divulge information about my love life, but this story is SO worth telling.

Six weeks ago, during a typical day at Whole Foods Market, I saw a very cute man sitting at one of the booths in the front of the store. Completely out of character for me, I told my coworker, Michael, that I wanted to talk to a cute guy. Michael, being himself, encouraged me to do it. I remember our conversation clearly.

Me: “I want to tell him he’s cute, but I don’t know..”

Michael: “Well, if you tell him he’s cute and that’s it, its super awkward. Give him your number!!”

Me: “No way, I don’t do that!”

Michael: “I had a three year relationship come out of the exact same situation. Give him your number.”

Well, after much peer pressure from my good friend and little thought from myself, I asked him for a pen and paper and wrote my phone number down. Then, I walked up to said cute guy, slipped him the paper and said, simply, “You’re cute”. Then I walked away. About 2 hours later, he texted me, introducing himself and right off the bat saying he was traveling from Boston and that he doesn’t live in Phoenix. I thought, “Oh perfect, the one guy I develop a crush on lives 2500 miles away.” Regardless, I kept texting him, and found out he was staying in Arizona for the weekend and was going to visit the Grand Canyon.

For some odd reason, I was adamant about seeing him before he left, so I invited myself to the Grand Canyon, and he agreed and allowed me to tag along.

After just meeting, it already felt like I had known him for years. We got to know each other, and spent the day looking at the Grand Canyon and learning about one another. Then, we walked around charming downtown Flagstaff. After he left, I did not think I would ever see him again. But he texted me saying “I hope to see you again soon!” And since then, we have not stopped talking. After many, many questions, and many deep conversations about life, love, and everything else, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  He had already booked a flight for me to come out there a few weeks later, so I said no, and told him he could ask me in person! He did, when I flew out to Boston. And I said yes. And yes, after just a few weeks of knowing him, I let him fly me across the country to visit the most handsome, sweet, unbelievably kind man. He took me around and showed me the city, we cooked together, we cuddled while watching Netflix, and I got to experience the east coast as an adult. And while long distance relationships seem impossible, I have great hope for our future, because I have never met someone who cared for me so genuinely and someone who I felt so confident and comfortable around. 2500 miles and 3 hours of time difference are nothing when you are becoming best friends and falling in love at the same time- which is how all relationships should be.

So, what’s in Boston? I don’t care about Fenway park or Harvard or all the monuments in the world, MY boyfriend is there and I can not wait to go visit again.

P.s. When you feel like you should do something, like give a stranger your phone number, listen to that feeling. God placed this man right where he needed to be in order to be in my life, and I am beyond grateful for that. Thanks God.



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