Month: December 2014


If anyone has ever heard Todd White preach or heard his testimony, you will without a doubt agree with me that he has radical faith. This man is literally crazy for Jesus. He heals people, he gives 200$ tips to bless waitresses because God leads him to, and he loves EVERY SINGLE PERSON he meets. He is insane. It’s awesome!

So one day a couple weeks ago while listening to his testimony, I just got pumped up for God. He said something like, “your work place is your mission field. If you want to be a missionary or in ministry to get away from your job then you are thinking the wrong way! You want to get away from people, so you join ministry? That’s totally whacked!” (not his exact words, but close enough.) I realized he is completely correct. Who am I to say that there is no soil in my workplace, and the ground is hard. To soften a hard ground, what do you do, gardeners? WATER it. You can’t plant a seed into concrete, so that is why you must be patient enough.

So I’m a pot full of water, right?

and GOD is telling me to pour it out! This is Arizona, people are thirsty. (Okay, I’m done with the metaphors. Maybe.) So taking Todd’s example, I began thinking of ways I can have RADICAL faith in my workplace and in my life overall. Among many other things that I have consistently been working at in my everyday life, I decided to do something at work that seems small, but has been HUGE when talking to customers.

I am a cashier at a supermarket. Whole Foods Market, to be specific. My store is full of pricey, organic foods that also happen to be delicious, and it is also a place that is full of a wide range of different belief systems and people with many different religious backgrounds. They accept visible tattoos and piercings, and they are very liberal when it comes to store policies. So when I started pondering the idea of saying GOD BLESS YOU to every customer as I handed them their receipt, some things came up. “Is it okay to say God bless you?” “Am I allowed” “Will my boss ask me not to say it?” “Will I lose my job over those three words?” “Should I say it to my coworkers?” “What if someone looks like a muslim, will it offend them and scare them away from the love of Jesus?” “WHY IS IT SO SCARY?” All of these things jumped through my mind, taunting me and telling me I couldn’t do it. But when I did decide to do it, a wave of confidence washed over me. My thoughts turned from doubts to FAITH in the living God. Like Todd White, I can say “God Bless You” and talk about my faith with confidence while on the clock at work. I am getting PAID to share the love of Jesus, people! I began saying it to each customer (except on a rare occasion when I felt like it was inappropriate and they would be furious), and to be honest with you, many people reacted the same way. Here are some of the things that have happened while saying God Bless You to people at my work:

1. “SCOFF.”

2. *Avoids eye contact* “Thanks…”

This one is my favorite. The eye-contact avoider is the person who has probably had a bad experience with the church or blames some horrific event in their life on God. This person maybe could also be the person who has faith but is too scared or embarrassed to say something about it.


4. I saved the best three experiences for last:

a. “I will see you in heaven, and I wont forget your face.” YES, a customer actually said that to me!

b. (This from a man who had already walked out of the store, he came back in to say this): “WOW, you               never hear anyone say that anymore, and I really appreciate it.”‘

c. (In awe): “You’re allowed to say that here?!?” To which I replied, “It’s my first amendment right!”

All that being said, by having RADICAL faith, I think God is using me to make waves at Whole Foods Market Chandler. I am beyond blessed by this, and I stand firm and cling to what God has told me, that he will never leave or forsake me. I have faith that even if I lose my job over those three words, or rather, because of the faith I have that causes me to say those words, that my Father in heaven will provide for me another job, and no matter what I will be taken care of because I am spoken for.

Jeremiah 20:11 But the LORD is with me as a mighty terrible one: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.