Let Go

Heather Mouton


I don’t think there’s anything sadder than marriages that fall apart; two people who proclaimed their forever love to each other just separates forever. Done. End of story. Absolutely tragic. I was eleven when my parents marriage began to crumble; when I was thirteen, they were officially divorced. I was old enough to understand what was going on during the split, and obviously am old enough to comprehend today the effects of that marital split. My mother changed dramatically; the woman I grew up loving became distant and a bit cold because she had been hurt, quite terribly. My dad lives with constant regret for his actions during their marriage. It’s just a messy business. The events I saw and experienced growing up through the rocky times and post-divorce changed who I was and who I am today. It trickles down unknowingly into our personalities and outlooks. I love my…

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