My Week.

I have had the most insane, busy week ever. First, on Monday, I got an email from my new boss about starting work at my new job. Then, Monday night I decided to go to a tattoo shop and get my nose and my lip pierced. On Tuesday, I went to my first ever aerial silks class; my first dance class in over 6 months, then I walked around Tempe Beach Park with my good friend Codie. I was also able to spend about 3 hours on the phone catching up with a friend from high school, Mason.Then, on Wednesday, I got my brakes checked and the cost was supposed to be 900$ (too much!) but a friend was able to fix them for 375$. I babysat Wednesday night for Pinnacle church, co-teaching a lesson on 1 Kings 18 with my dear friend Bethany. Thursday, I got a mole removed and went to Christian Challenge, where I was blessed by the teaching on Darwinism and how the bible and Creation debunk Evolution. After Challenge, we all played soccer (which I also have not played in years) and I came out covered in bruises. Friday was eventful as well. I made and ate lunch with the girls bible study ladies, and we read and studied the book of Esther. Friday night, I babysat Colton and Hendrix for the Powers, and I really enjoyed hanging out with those little lovebugs, as well as getting my laundry all done! All of these things happened around my morning and online classes Monday-Thursday. Needless to say (but I’m gonna say it anyways) I had the most eventful and blessed time in these past few days.

This week has really put into perspective for me just how much time I have and just how much I can get done in that time. There are 24 hours in each day, and 7 days a week makes 168 hours. If you sleep for a third of that, you have 112 hours. If you go to school you can subtract that many hours, I only go for 6 hours on campus but I also have two classes off campus so that would probably only account for about 15 hours of school/homework a week total. That gives me 97 hours. Then, once I get my job, I will be working about 25 hours a week (maximum). Now that goes down to 72 hours. 72 hours is equal to three whole days. Three days is a huge amount of time to get things done. Even if the times are different for you and you only have 48 hours of “free time”, two whole days is still a huge amount of time to do things you have been wanting to do for a long time.

I have been looking for a job for a month and I finally got one. I have always wanted my nose and my lip pierced and I got that done. For months, I have been praying for a great dance class and have dreamed of taking Aerial Silks for years and finally worked up the courage to go and take that class. I got my brakes checked since they’ve been squealing for a long time. I officially got involved in the children’s ministry team at an incredible church. I overcame my fear of doctors and went to a doctors appointment by myself without having an anxiety attack or crying. I spent time with friends. I got an awful mole removed that always got in the way of me brushing my hair. I learned about Creationism and certain ways to describe how flawed The Theory of Evolution really is. I actually played a team sport (again, for the first time in years) and enjoyed it. I finally am leading my own bible study for young ladies and God is blessing us all with his wisdom. Lastly, I was able to care for two sweet little munchkins and teach them some sign language, and I got all my laundry done!

God is so good and He shows His glory through things like this. Every single moment this week, the Lord was keeping me awake and giving me strength for the busy schedule that I had. I woke up every morning very early and went to bed very late. I was able to submit all my homework on time and was able to bless others with service for the glory of God. I hope and pray that every week will be as fruitful as this one, and now that it is Saturday, I get to sit in bed and rest until my good friend Vincent’s show tonight!

So with all that being said, go out and get things done. Buy the ingredients for that delicious looking pinterest recipe, and make it. Sign up for a class outside of school you have wanted to take for ages. Write a blog post. Read some blogs. Go out and help people. Read your bible. Do some art. Get your car looked at. Clean your house. Do some laundry. Start learning a new language. Walk around and sightsee. Call your mom and tell her about your day. Or your grandma, or your best friend. Use your time to do things, life is not a spectator sport.

P.S. A huge thank you to all the wonderful, compassionate people in my life. This year has already been rough for me emotionally and financially. I love knowing that I have a huge support system full of people who will encourage me and bless me daily.

Much love,



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