So 2014 has been a huge bucket of crazy for me. Little did I know I would be going through a break up from my first long term relationship, quitting my job, and jumping back on leadership with Christian Challenge. This particular blog is a relief to write, because there are so many big things happening in my life to share and record for me to read in later years.

First of all, break ups suck. Ladies, I want you to read this part carefully. If you are a believer, and you are dating/in a relationship with a man who is also a believer, do not ever ignore it if the scripture is in contradiction to anything you or him are doing. A relationship between a man of God and a woman of God will never be fruitful if they are not seeking God and being obedient. Also, make sure you are at similar/the same stage in your faith. Someone who has been in the word and seeking Christ will absolutely be more spiritually mature than someone who is just riding along, not reading scripture and not walking with the Lord. Be aware of that! It is imperative that you do not give yourself away emotionally at all to someone who you are not equally yoked with. Setting each other up for failure is unfair and completely hurtful in the end. If you are living your life for Christ and someone comes along and tries to change that, run the other way. 

Psalm 16:2, I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.”

Never give that up for a man. Test what he says to the scriptures, and make sure he is really seeking God before you even agree to go on a date with him. A man’s character will be revealed (generally) by the things he finds entertaining. Really watch and make sure he is a man of integrity and is respectful. With that being said, I have learned some very difficult lessons through this past relationship and I will be receptive to the things the Lord taught me for my next relationship.

Secondly, I quit my job. Another very important life lesson: You should never ever let yourself be harassed in a work environment. Report it. Say something to your bosses, and if they do not do anything or what they do is ineffective, go to whoever is above them. When the circumstances do not get any better, let it go. God gave me signs a while ago to quit my job, and my stubborn, selfish heart held onto it because the pay was good and I had freedom. Honestly, the breaking point was when my decision was between my job and fellowship with believers in Pinetop. If there was one lesson I already knew before the chaos of 2014, it is that when you hear the Lord calling you to something, what He has for you is so much better than what you have, even if you think it is the BEST. I, with reckless abandon, quit my job and chose fellowship. Ever since getting out of that horrible situation, the Lord has blessed me with joy greater than any I have felt in this new year, and I could not be more grateful for that.

Lastly, I have to mention Christian Challenge. Shout out to all of you, you know who you are. There is seriously an army of us, and I count all of you as my brothers and sisters in this mess called college. When I went through the break up, all of these people welcomed me with open arms and completely blessed me with their grace and genuine love. They blew me away with all of their support.

The hardest thing was losing some other friends after it all happened, but it just goes to prove this verse:

Luke 8:17 For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

Some people I thought cared for me started acting very cold towards me. At first it was hurtful, but then I realized that if their love was conditional, it wasn’t real love. So in a manner of speaking, there is no skin off my back. I still love and care for everyone I met in the past year, and I do not regret making friends with all of those people. I am completely humbled by the ones who have come forth and made sure I have been doing well, and the ones who have been encouraging me. It is safe to say that the Lord began the healing process from the moment it was over, and all of my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ have shown their true hearts by taking care of me. Again, you all know who you are. A special note for Christian Challenge is in order, though, because they are my family up here in the valley and they have loved me unconditionally since day one.


So here I am, on the flipside of all this. I am back at Pinnacle Church, back on leadership at Christian Challenge, and starting up a women’s bible study in my apartment, as I look for a new job (I’ve got some interviews this week, fingers crossed!)

Thanks for reading!

I love you all and God bless,



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