Month: May 2013


In the past year alone, I have moved 3 times. Casa Grande to Florence, Florence to Tempe, and Tempe to Mesa. Currently, I am living out of a suitcase with my wonderful friend- and sister in Christ, Maddie Pinto! As I type this, we are sitting on the couch, both on our computers, listening to the Phantom of The Opera.

One year ago, I was a new high school graduate. My plans were to join the Air Force and serve as a Cryptic Linguist. At the last minute, three days before I turned seventeen, God changed my mind and I began the process to follow my dream to become a dance education major at Arizona State University. Since that decision, I have gone through so many different things during my transition into adulthood. What high school kids don’t realize is that even when you graduate, your parents support you for the most part. A student living with their family and going to school is 100% different from a student living on their own going to school. Although my mom and dad are always there for me and have my back in times of trouble, I have moved out and am learning what it is like to be an adult. I work, I buy groceries, I pay taxes.

I am definitely not all the way on my own yet, but I am about halfway there. This journey is helping me realize that a high school diploma does not make you an adult. Nor does being in college, or even having a job. God has taught me to hold standards high for myself, and in that, I am working with everything I have to glorify His name through all that I do and to further the kingdom of the Lord!

On another note, I have decided to permanently remove my Monroe piercing, because it got elbowed out of my face the other night at work and I could not get the bar back in. I will definitely miss it, but I feel like progression as an adult means letting go of childish things and accepting it when God sends a clear message (even if it’s something small like taking out a teeny stud in my lip.)

P.S. shout out to a good friend of mine Gospel Lee for bugging me to blog more, I feel so refreshed after updating ya’ll about my life! Thanks for encouraging me to type out my thoughts and whatnot. 

P.P.S. Please pray that in these next few months of summer, God watches over me as I bounce from house to house, living with a different person every few weeks. 


Ave atque vale!