Month: April 2013

Shifting Perspectives

As of tomorrow, April 8th, 2013, I will have been a vegetarian for 8 whole months. Now, when I started being a vegetarian I never would have guessed that I would stop. Something that my mom said really struck a chord, though: “What they don’t realize is vegetarians rarely stay vegetarians forever.” My mom (the absolute wisest woman I know) is completely right! She has a great point in saying this.

I’m not saying that this is causing me to eat meat again, cause it’s not! As of late God has been making it clear that it is not the lifestyle for me. Don’t get me wrong, being a vegetarian is awesome and I totally admire all of you who have stuck with it, more power to ya! But after trying it out for almost a year, I can honestly say that I know what it is like to be a vegetarian and now I don’t have to wonder what they go through and how they live life. I have not yet decided what meats I am going to begin eating again, but I have decided that sometime in the near future I am going to start introducing it back into my diet (probably beginning with things that contain chicken or beef boullion). These past eight months have taught me how to improvise with food, because under college circumstances I am not in control of what the dining halls serve. As a result of being a vegetarian and monitoring my eating habits, I have avoided gaining the freshman 15. (hollaaaaaa!)

With that being said, I am forever learning things I never thought I didn’t know.


if that makes sense.


P.S., Gelatin is first on my list of things to eat!



Being Present

For starters: as most of you know, being a dance major is highly physically demanding. Anyone who went to high school with me knows I’m good at taking shortcuts and BSing just enough to still get straight A’s. Unfortunately, that is not possible as a dance major. My days of playing tetris and listening to grooveshark in class rather than listening to my anatomy lecture are over. If none of this is making sense, let me sum it all up in one sentence: I have an extremely difficult time staying present mentally and physically. While I am dancing, I am usually thinking about how stressful it is that I mess up the movements. I am hardly present, feeling the choreography. During sit-down classes, I am always counting down time until the class ends or I talk to myself saying “only three weeks til summer!”. Now that I am aware that I have a problem, I need to work on fixing it. It is definitely not going to be easy, though. Throughout this semester, I have doubted God’s plan for me to be a dance major dozens of times. I have considered quitting, and I have thought of every possible alternative. But also, I have done something I have never done in my entire career as a student. I have not missed one class. Even through my doubts, God has shown purpose for me being here at ASU as a dance major. He is teaching me to give my 100% to everything I do, not just pick and choose what I want to be dedicated to. My goal for next semester is to not only be present for attendance purposes, but to be present in my studies and give everything I do 100% of my attention. One of my colleagues Shelby Keefe has a tattoo on her ankle that says “Be Present.” I want to put that into practice in all aspects of my life, and this semester marks the beginning of that journey for me.