Eli. (about me)

Hi! My name is Elise, but I go by Eli. I love Jesus. I’m 17 years old and a Vegetarian (possible future vegan). I listen to mostly post-hardcore music, but I love almost all music. I like going to local shows. I love to dance, preferably ballet. I love hello kitty, dead flowers, star wars, giraffes, and names that start with P. I hate being alone. I may or may not have paranoia. I write everything on my calendar, and I count down to days that i’m excited for (namely birthdays, shows, etc.) I am good at letting go, but I never stop loving anyone whom I’ve ever been friends with. I don’t go anywhere without candy in my purse, and I take the fortunes out of fortune cookies but don’t actually eat the cookie. I love school. I love art, painting, and just making things. I keep EVERYTHING. Since the age of 15 I have been fascinated with tattoos and I plan on getting many over the course of my life. I’ve always been naive, but I’m trying to change that. I forgive instantly. Depression and schizophrenia run in my family. I support dream-chasing. Food is the way to my heart. I like cleaning and organizing. High heels are the devil. Cows and chickens are my favorite farm animals.

This is my blog, Ego De Provoco, which means I DARE YOU.

We are all living and dying.


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