Don’t let the title mislead you.. this is not about a workout video called Insanity.

So I just got hired at Mcdonald’s (yeah, go ahead and laugh, blah blah blah, at least I’m getting a paycheck) and today was my first day working morning shift.

Let me just begin by explaining my night last night. I got home from work, on my bike, and my dad asked me to take the car to get him a Dr. Pepper. I drove to the post office first to mail a letter, then I was going to get the soda for my dad & some chips or something for myself. As I dropped off the letter, my dad calls me. It’s 8:54. He says, hey I forgot to give you these redbox movies, and if I get them there after 9 they charge another dollar. I said, “Oh I’ll get them there before nine.” I sped two miles to my house, grabbed the movies, hit a red light on the way to circle K another two miles away from my house, parked like a psycho then ran out of the car and returned the movies at 8:59.

If that’s not enough excitement for you, I then proceeded to get my dad’s Dr. Pepper ( Hardcore, right? ) then drove to A & M to get a slice of pizza. They were out of cheese slices (they only had pepperoni & I’m a vegetarian) and I was on like a 2 dollar budget so the gracious manager working gave me a baby pizza for the price of a slice. After that, I got LOST. In FLORENCE. Thankfully I made it back to the main road and went to Mickey D’s to get some pumpkin pies and a powerade.

I got home, ate, and tried to go to bed, but I had this insaneĀ pain in my diaphragm area. I tried every single sleeping position, I stretched, I drank water, I took my shorts off to get pressure off my stomach, AND I took my bra off to get pressure off my chest (I NEVER sleep braless) and finally after like 3 hours I fell asleep at around 2am.

Unfortunately, the next day (oct. 12, today) I had work at 7am.

So when I got to work today, I was exhausted already from all the events from the night before, and about an hour into my shift I looked down and realized the horrifying fact that I had forgotten to put a bra on. It wasn’t very noticeable mind you, but still embarrassing if anyone DID notice. My undershirt covered me up pretty well.

I was very upset about this, until the following happened:

A coworker of mine named Joe who is hispanic and older than most of the people I work with came up to me and said, “When I saw you, I thought, THANK GOD, they hired a white girl!”

I laughed SO hard. He said “I hope you didn’t take offense to that, I’m just glad they hired a white girl cause all the girls who work here are mexican and when I was younger I liked white girls!”

Oh don’t leave yet, my day gets better.

Since I was still learning the breakfast menu, I had a couple little hiccups and I messed up this lady’s order for lack of better knowledge of the meal items. She was MAD, asked to talk to a manager, told her basically that I was trying too hard and that I should slow down and listen. I helped her fix her order and stuff but I was super flustered because my manager had just told me to hurry up.

Afterwards, Joe saw that I was upset and he said: “You’re gonna come out of this on top right? Don’t let her get to you, she has something bad going on in her life & she’s just taking it out on you.” Then, he asked, “You’re a Leo aren’t you?” I said, “Yes, wow, how’d you guess?” He said “Cause Leo’s run the world.”

I officially adore Joe.

ON TOP OF THAT, an old man harassed me for my number, asked me if I had a boyfriend multiple times, and approached me asking if he could give me his number. I politely declined, 6 times in a row.

Needless to say, I’ve had an interesting past 24 hours and I promised myself I would blog about it when I got home.

If nobody reads this, it’s okay, because I’m going to look back on this post someday and laugh at the insanity of it all.


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