Some of you may know the band Flyleaf, and a percentage of the people who know the band will know their song Cassie, and a small percentage of the people who know the band AND the song know the meaning behind it. 

In April of 1999, two high school seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting spree. They killed 12 students and one teacher, and injured a few others who tried to escape. Then, they killed themselves. 

Sometime that day, one of the murderers asked a young girl: “Do you believe in God?” she responded with: “Yes.” He then pointed the gun at her, shot her, and said, “Do you still believe in God?” and she again said “Yes.” He then delivered the fatal shot. 

The story differs depending on who tells it, but the point is, that a girl was a MARTYR. She died for believing in God, knowing that the man pointing the gun at her was going to shoot if she said yes. 

NOW, everytime I hear the song “Cassie” by Flyleaf (which is about the shooting), I think of this one Sunday many years ago…

I was visiting a friends church with my family and the mother of Cassie told this young lady’s story. It was a tear jerker, leading up to the day she was shot for her love of God. At the end of the service, my family and I went up to greet her and thank her for sharing her daughter’s tragic story. Cassie’s mother looked at me, grabbed my shoulder and said, “You remind me of her.”

Now when I listen to that song, I cry. Because I know that if anyone ever points a gun to my head and asks me if I believe in God, I will say yes. And I will go to heaven to be with my Creator who loves me. 


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