Month: October 2012

Eli. (about me)

Hi! My name is Elise, but I go by Eli. I love Jesus. I’m 17 years old and a Vegetarian (possible future vegan). I listen to mostly post-hardcore music, but I love almost all music. I like going to local shows. I love to dance, preferably ballet. I love hello kitty, dead flowers, star wars, giraffes, and names that start with P. I hate being alone. I may or may not have paranoia. I write everything on my calendar, and I count down to days that i’m excited for (namely birthdays, shows, etc.) I am good at letting go, but I never stop loving anyone whom I’ve ever been friends with. I don’t go anywhere without candy in my purse, and I take the fortunes out of fortune cookies but don’t actually eat the cookie. I love school. I love art, painting, and just making things. I keep EVERYTHING. Since the age of 15 I have been fascinated with tattoos and I plan on getting many over the course of my life. I’ve always been naive, but I’m trying to change that. I forgive instantly. Depression and schizophrenia run in my family. I support dream-chasing. Food is the way to my heart. I like cleaning and organizing. High heels are the devil. Cows and chickens are my favorite farm animals.

This is my blog, Ego De Provoco, which means I DARE YOU.

We are all living and dying.



Don’t let the title mislead you.. this is not about a workout video called Insanity.

So I just got hired at Mcdonald’s (yeah, go ahead and laugh, blah blah blah, at least I’m getting a paycheck) and today was my first day working morning shift.

Let me just begin by explaining my night last night. I got home from work, on my bike, and my dad asked me to take the car to get him a Dr. Pepper. I drove to the post office first to mail a letter, then I was going to get the soda for my dad & some chips or something for myself. As I dropped off the letter, my dad calls me. It’s 8:54. He says, hey I forgot to give you these redbox movies, and if I get them there after 9 they charge another dollar. I said, “Oh I’ll get them there before nine.” I sped two miles to my house, grabbed the movies, hit a red light on the way to circle K another two miles away from my house, parked like a psycho then ran out of the car and returned the movies at 8:59.

If that’s not enough excitement for you, I then proceeded to get my dad’s Dr. Pepper ( Hardcore, right? ) then drove to A & M to get a slice of pizza. They were out of cheese slices (they only had pepperoni & I’m a vegetarian) and I was on like a 2 dollar budget so the gracious manager working gave me a baby pizza for the price of a slice. After that, I got LOST. In FLORENCE. Thankfully I made it back to the main road and went to Mickey D’s to get some pumpkin pies and a powerade.

I got home, ate, and tried to go to bed, but I had this insane pain in my diaphragm area. I tried every single sleeping position, I stretched, I drank water, I took my shorts off to get pressure off my stomach, AND I took my bra off to get pressure off my chest (I NEVER sleep braless) and finally after like 3 hours I fell asleep at around 2am.

Unfortunately, the next day (oct. 12, today) I had work at 7am.

So when I got to work today, I was exhausted already from all the events from the night before, and about an hour into my shift I looked down and realized the horrifying fact that I had forgotten to put a bra on. It wasn’t very noticeable mind you, but still embarrassing if anyone DID notice. My undershirt covered me up pretty well.

I was very upset about this, until the following happened:

A coworker of mine named Joe who is hispanic and older than most of the people I work with came up to me and said, “When I saw you, I thought, THANK GOD, they hired a white girl!”

I laughed SO hard. He said “I hope you didn’t take offense to that, I’m just glad they hired a white girl cause all the girls who work here are mexican and when I was younger I liked white girls!”

Oh don’t leave yet, my day gets better.

Since I was still learning the breakfast menu, I had a couple little hiccups and I messed up this lady’s order for lack of better knowledge of the meal items. She was MAD, asked to talk to a manager, told her basically that I was trying too hard and that I should slow down and listen. I helped her fix her order and stuff but I was super flustered because my manager had just told me to hurry up.

Afterwards, Joe saw that I was upset and he said: “You’re gonna come out of this on top right? Don’t let her get to you, she has something bad going on in her life & she’s just taking it out on you.” Then, he asked, “You’re a Leo aren’t you?” I said, “Yes, wow, how’d you guess?” He said “Cause Leo’s run the world.”

I officially adore Joe.

ON TOP OF THAT, an old man harassed me for my number, asked me if I had a boyfriend multiple times, and approached me asking if he could give me his number. I politely declined, 6 times in a row.

Needless to say, I’ve had an interesting past 24 hours and I promised myself I would blog about it when I got home.

If nobody reads this, it’s okay, because I’m going to look back on this post someday and laugh at the insanity of it all.


Some of you may know the band Flyleaf, and a percentage of the people who know the band will know their song Cassie, and a small percentage of the people who know the band AND the song know the meaning behind it. 

In April of 1999, two high school seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting spree. They killed 12 students and one teacher, and injured a few others who tried to escape. Then, they killed themselves. 

Sometime that day, one of the murderers asked a young girl: “Do you believe in God?” she responded with: “Yes.” He then pointed the gun at her, shot her, and said, “Do you still believe in God?” and she again said “Yes.” He then delivered the fatal shot. 

The story differs depending on who tells it, but the point is, that a girl was a MARTYR. She died for believing in God, knowing that the man pointing the gun at her was going to shoot if she said yes. 

NOW, everytime I hear the song “Cassie” by Flyleaf (which is about the shooting), I think of this one Sunday many years ago…

I was visiting a friends church with my family and the mother of Cassie told this young lady’s story. It was a tear jerker, leading up to the day she was shot for her love of God. At the end of the service, my family and I went up to greet her and thank her for sharing her daughter’s tragic story. Cassie’s mother looked at me, grabbed my shoulder and said, “You remind me of her.”

Now when I listen to that song, I cry. Because I know that if anyone ever points a gun to my head and asks me if I believe in God, I will say yes. And I will go to heaven to be with my Creator who loves me. 


So, a month and a day ago, I decided to try being a vegetarian. Not for forever, just for a month. Now that that month is over, I am making a decision.

Let me just start by saying how difficult it is to quit meat cold turkey (no pun intended). It is not only difficult because of cravings, but your body needs that protein and it’s pretty detrimental to your health if you don’t get enough protein in your diet.  I resorted to legumes (cashews) and protein bars. The first few days were pretty difficult, but after that it was cake. I’m pretty good at resisting temptation. (:

I have noticed some weight gain, which is not normal because meat has a high fat content, but I will adjust my diet (too much cheese!) to fix that. I have a new found appreciation for vegetables, and I have dealt with everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, not supporting my decision. Of course, my parents can’t force me to eat meat, and they haven’t- though they’ve tried. That is the most difficult part, lacking a support system.  ANYWHO! I have decided to stay a vegetarian. I don’t say this lightly. After pondering day and night for the past 30 days, watching my family eat chick-fil-a while I ate carrots and pretzels, and having to specifically find vegetarian options at every restaurant, I am going to stick with this.

The reason?

YES, God put animals on Earth for us to use at our own dispense. BUT he did not say “Thou shalt torture cows and pigs for eatery purposes.” So that being said, with the meat production system, I will NOT be supporting the torturing and mistreatment of animals.

In the future, if by small (almost impossible) chances, the meat market fails and the country goes back to family farming systems with HUMANE treatment of animals, I will -possibly- begin to eat meat again.

Someone I used to know said this: “I think it’s sad that humans have to be dependent on animals to live.”

Also, did you know that the amount of fields used to feed livestock could feed 100x more people, than the actual meat that is produced by feeding and raising the animals on those fields?

Hope that was understandable.

Point being, animals are eating all of our food, so that they can grow up and be eaten. Sense being made = none.

AND as a vegetarian, I can cross “Save a life” off of my bucket list. Vegetarians save 100 animals per year, Vegans save approximately 125-150.

What’s funny about all of this is that in 2011 I wrote an argument essay for English 102 that researched vegetarianism and humane treatment of animals and at the end us students were supposed to decide to choose one of the sides of the argument. I chose to NOT be a vegetarian then. Now, though, with an open mind, I will be taking on this challenge and sharing my story with whomever may ask.

THANK YOU for reading, and have a lovely day.