So alot of you know how I was going to join the military to run away from all of these trials in life, but that I decided to stay because I want to follow my dream, dance.

Even if I end up as a dance teacher teaching little 5 year olds everyday, I will be happy.

But for right now, I would like to share all the reasons why I love dance and continue to pursue it throughout my teenage years and hopefully extending into my adult life.

1. THE MUSIC!!!! Music has always been my life, I got my first Ipod when I was 10 and got so frustrated when it reached full capacity, because I could fill an Ipod with 20,000 songs and still want to have more.

2. Physical expression. I’ve always been a verbal person, and I have always been insecure about my body and looks, but since I started dancing, I began to throw away all those insecurities and started to use performance as a way to gain confidence. I love using the very limbs that God made for me to paint a picture, so to speak, for whomever is watching my choreography or even just me dancing someone elses choreography. To end that off, I am no longer insecure and I am fully confident and happy with my body.

3. Injuries. This sounds silly, because who likes getting hurt, right? MEEEE! My entire life I would come home with bruises, broken bones, cuts, burns, etc. I’ve always been a daredevil. To this day, my grown college student self still climbs trees and walks on walls and hops fences. Thuglyfe. But honestly, dance has been my way to let out all that energy that has been pulsing through my veins since I came into the world. I can say I have trusted my dance partner to catch me and they didn’t. I have been dropped on my head, kicked, smacked, punched, and scratched by other dancers. I have broken bones during rehearsal and gone on stage performing with a broken bone. I have had chunks of hair ripped out of my head by a dancer stepping on my head. I have come home with a swollen forehead from falling straight onto my face in dance. I have endured ripped muscles, pinched nerves, bruises, floor burns, smashed toes, and most of all, soreness from working out everyday. I have become the dance teacher because the actual dance teacher missed two classes (out of three) a week. I have performed an entire dance concert with a cast on my arm, refusing to sit out of ANY dance because that’s how stubborn I am. Did I forget to mention that another dancer caused my broken bone? Yeah, I’ve been through hell and back with dance, and I would do it again 100 times if I had to. I am proud of all my scars and I am ready to take on anything else the dance world has to throw at me.

4. Beauty and passion. Dance makes me feel beautiful. The most amazing thing in the world is to have an audience watching you and clapping for you and at the end when people personally come up to you and tell you how much they enjoyed it. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to pour your heart out all over the stage and then see so many people accepting your story and supporting your love and passion. That is what I live for. The artistry, the pain, the joy, the passion, the incredible physical, mental, and emotional strain yet peace there is in dance. I love all the bad and good, all the competition and all the beauty.

5. Teaching & learning. LEARNING is my favorite thing to do in life. I love to learn. I love knowing things, and using them to create new things. I love coming up with ideas from what I’ve learned, and perfecting things I’ve learned. I love the sweat, blood, and tears that come along with being a dancer. I love teaching as well. Looking into the eyes of young dancers and showing them what to do and how to do it, and watching their incredible twist and emotion that they put into MY created movements. The music mixed with the passion and the diversity is just overwhelming and makes me want to do cartwheels repeatedly til my brain spins.

So. That’s why I love dance, I hope you at least partially understand how dancers feel now.

You’ll never fully understand until you are in our shoes (pointe, of course) because it is what you make it, and no two dancers are the same.


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