Rant of the day

So today we’re going to talk about dipshits. No, I’m not talking about literal stupidity. I’m talking about those who are smart enough to know the right choice, but dumb enough not to choose it. No, I’m not talking about the guy at starbucks who charged you for a venti when you ordered a grande. I’m talking about the guy who “loves you” but cheated on you yesterday with that pretty brunette he says is “just a friend”. 


There’s a difference.

But YOLO right? 


Don’t you wish you could just arrest people for being cheaters, liars, and fakes? 

Wellllllll you can’t. Unfortunately, these people continue on in their miserable misdeeds for -probably- their entire lives, and while you’re sitting there counting on them to “realize their mistake” they aren’t. They may have felt a momentary sprinkle of guilt, but overall they are just basking in the victory. Cause they win, you know? I mean, you’re the idiot who trusted them right? The one who would have given anything just for their happiness, but were tossed to the side like a piece of garbage. OR MAYBE, maybe they’re still using you. Or maybe they had no intent of using you at all. Whichever way, it doesn’t matter. Know why? BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE. It does not matter to them. They are content going on the same way in their lives, trampling all over everyone because they. don’t. care. 

Oh, but they’ve been hurt in the past haven’t they? The classic story of a bully- someone who got picked on his/her entire life that has decided they are done being at the bottom of the food chain.

So here we are, sinking into the stereotype of settling for someone who will hurt you. As a mother, lover, friend, or otherwise. Kindness takes over the abused because of their forgiving nature, and the circle repeats, over and over and over again. 



The glorious part of all this is the few who are not phased by all the bull, the ones who come out of these situations and recover every single time! No matter how many inconsiderate fake IDIOTS hurt them. The people who get taken advantage of because of their kindness. In the end,  it’s all worth it. All those fairy tales, all the stories with happy endings.. the storytellers failed to mention the harsh trials the protagonist went through before they achieved the ultimate prize. Happiness. And let’s not forget love. It is the greatest of these things, is it not? 

Don’t stop loving. Don’t settle. And don’t let the dipsticks think they’ve won. Because they’ve just won a small battle. You, though? You’re going to win the war. 


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