Arizona Creatures

Okay, so I recently moved into a new (very, very old) house in the small town of Florence.  Unfortunately, I have not been attending school in person this semester (online), so I’ve been stuck at home all day. I’ve been handling the loneliness, the solitude, the crazy sleeping schedule, and the fact that there is SO MUCH FREE TIME BUT NOTHING TO DO. What has been driving me insane is these God awful creatures that make noise ALL DAY LONG. The rain is fine. Thunder is something I can deal with. I enjoy it, actually. But the plant outside my window scratches on the glass like nails on a chalkboard. The neighbor seems to have a copious amount of ducks, because I hear quacking all day long, an owl must live in a tree nearby because I am always hearing incessant “hoo”ing, and the CRICKETS. THE CRICKETS HAUNT MY NIGHTMARES.

I’m not being dramatic, I promise. You try being cooped up in a little house of white walls, home alone all day every day. Might as well be home alone all night, too, because nobody ever gets here at a decent hour. All I have is WordPress, Itunes, Pandora, and Fyeah tattoos. Oh, and occasionally Casey comes and kidnaps me. She’s my only friend, not even kidding. I’m lonely. And emotional from being so far from human interaction for so long. I feel like I’m in a cage. January, please come faster.. 

Ducks and crickets and owls and trees…

You know things are bad when I rip tree branches off with my bare hands cause I can’t find the garden shears. Not to mention the ginormous thorns up and down the entire tree. Yeah, ouch. 

I have resorted to talking to myself through this website. The only human companionship I have is myself. Note sarcasm, I’m really not a debbie downer.

Patiently awaiting the day that someone comes into my life and doesn’t walk out of it right when I start caring for them. 

Point being, the damned creatures in this desert state are plotting my demise, by slowly driving me up the wall. 

Sorry about the rambling.


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