Changing what you don’t like.

Lately, I have been contemplating the concept of contentment.  A lot of people that I know fairly well are unhappy with some part of their life (as am I, I am no exception) and I was thinking about what REASONS there are for such unhappiness.  This is what I came up with.

1. You don’t think you CAN change it. 

If you have this mindset, you are probably the type of person who is like, “Woe is me, my life sucks, Everything is everyone else’s fault.” The biggest problem with this is that, you probably CAN change it to fix the problem.  You just don’t WANT to change it. 

For example: “My boyfriend cheats on me and beats me and is rude to my friends, but I love him and he loves me.” Seriously? I’m not saying you don’t love each other, but that love obviously isn’t cutting it if he needs OTHER GIRLS to love him/lust over him as well. There is no excuse to lay a harmful hand on another, ESPECIALLY one you claim to “love”. Change your situation if you don’t like it, stop making excuses for someone who doesn’t treat you right.


“I’m insecure, even though everyone calls me beautiful.” I’ve been through this one before, and I think it comes with a personal decision to stop being unreasonable. Honestly, if others can see beauty in you, then you should be able to see beauty in yourself. It’s that personal decision to let go of your insecurities. Changing isn’t easy and facing your insecurities isn’t easy but it will get rid of what you DON’T LIKE, and ultimately what you don’t like is the problem, right?


2. You don’t WANT to change it

This is like the previous, except maybe you’re a masochist and you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself. Either way, it just makes you look like you want a lot of attention.  You’re probably driving people crazy. 


3. You really CAN’T change it

Self explanatory, like having a job that you hate, but lots of bills to pay.  The best part about the things you CAN’T change, is that you can either learn to be content with them, OR eventually you will get to a point where you’ll be able to survive without the thing you hate to do (but have to do).  In this type of unhappiness, most of the time you just have to wait it out. (Kids who hate high school, etc.)


4.  You ARE changing it

If you are in the process of changing something that is making you unhappy in life, GOOD FOR YOU. I admire this, because it is rare for someone to break the expectations of this world and actually live life happy. Congratulations. You have my respect. *claps*

Don’t comment with stupid things about how changing doesn’t come over night, I’m not incompetent, I know that change takes time. Feelings come into play, other people come into play, whatever. I understand. I’m just saying, don’t expect things to change on their own.  This world isn’t here to make you happy. You have to make the decision to BE HAPPY. Everyone has their off days, everyone has something they don’t like. Get over it. Handle your problems or shut up. I’ve had my fair share of #1, 2, AND 3.  That’s how I know they exist, & that’s how I know things can change, no matter how bad they are.  


This is aimed especially at my age group, because I know some people who are completely unhappy but are doing absolutely NOTHING to be happy. It doesn’t change over time. In 20 years, you will still be unhappy. Might as well focus on happiness before the negativity takes over your life.  

End rant. 


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