Rant (friendships)

What has been on my mind lately is friendships. Let me start by asking this:


I completely understand not being able to tolerate BS. What I DON’T understand, is all the lying and all the idiotic problems within friendships that ruin them. Like, really, you called me your “best friend” yesterday, and today SHE is your best friend? Don’t you dare call me something if you don’t mean it with every fiber of your being, cause something might happen. I just might believe you, and I just might call you my best friend as well, and we just might spend time getting to know each other and becoming closer, and then one day, you might just become a two faced liar.  And I might just stop talking to you altogether.  What REALLY blows my mind is how sisters can stay best friends (or friends) for life because they are taught to love each other no matter what. I have put up with all the stupid things you do. I have treated you like the best thing that ever happened to me. & I have been there through thick and thin. I REFUSE to be dumped in the garbage like last week’s leftovers. Actually, no, I take that back. Throw me in the trash. Then I’ll be able to familiarize myself with people like you, and I can make better choices in the future to avoid more of you. Thank God in heaven above that I am good at letting go, because the very few people who have stayed true, even through the worst of fights, are people I know I will never have to let go.  I was never quite sure about you, but now I am. You’re nothing but an attention hogging, fame seeking JERK who is out to please everyone. Newsflash, you are an adult and what you are doing is not only hurting the people around you, it is hurting YOU. I’ll always love you, but I will not continue to subject myself to you. 



2 thoughts on “Rant (friendships)

  1. I can totally relate to this, there once was a girl I called best friend. I was always there for her, through tears laughs, fights, drama, you name it. She always forgot about me when she had a boyfriend. To the point we would make plans and she’d leave me hanging. However, everytime she needed me she knew she could rely on me. I got tired. Tired of being used. I pretty much broke contact with her. I still considered her my friend though. She has a baby now, she fakes it quite well but her life is a bloody mess. This experience has made me realize who my real best friend is; my sister. Whom I love and trust ‘with every fiber of my being’.

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